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Targeting Metabesity 2020:  Extending Healthspan

Be part of the Conversation that initiates the Moonshot to Healthy Longevity in the Next Decade:  

  • Can we reverse our biological aging? 
  • The COVID Lesson: Geroscience can make us less vulnerable as we age. 
  • Discover what stops us from putting advancements to work. 
  • Discover Emerging Companies at the Forefront of AI, TECH, and Digital Health
  • Debate with legendary geroscientists whether age-decline is itself a disease that can be prevented 
  • Shift the emphasis from isolated disease management to prevention of multiple diseases 
  • Go beyond treating individual diseases to extending healthy lifespan—healthspan 
  • Longevity Equality, who will have access to the drugs, devices, and protocols of increased healthspan

Hear stellar speakers from multiple disciplines, including science and medicine, behavioral science, government regulation, policy, reimbursement, industry and capital markets, patient advocacy, boomer and senior lifestyle, digital health and age-technology, and many others. 

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See program here. (PDF 9.5MB)

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NGO Committee on Ageing • PO Box 1854 • New York, NY • 10163-1854