Issues of Ageing and Disabilities

International Perspectives

Issues of Ageing and Disability:
International Perspectives

By The NGO Committee on Ageing - NY

“Issues of Ageing and Disability: International Perspectives” honors the memory of Ruth Begun, a long-time member of the NGO Committee on Ageing as well as the NGO Committee on Disability. The publication, launched in December 2010, also calls attention to the month in which the United Nations formally recognizes disability through the International Day of Disabled Persons.
73 pages, $20.00 per copy. 

Print copy: $20.00
Digital Copy: $4.99 (Digital includes iPad (iOS 5 and up), PDF and WebViewer.)
Print + Digital Copy: $20.00 (Free Digital version with purchase of print version.)

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The NGO Committee on Ageing, NY works to raise world awareness of the opportunities and challenges of global ageing. The Committee advocates within the United Nations community to further integrate ageing in UN policies and programs.


NGO Committee on Ageing
Janet Sigal (Chair)
American Psychological Association
Cynthia Stuen (Vice-Chair)
International Federation on Ageing


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