Sub-Committee on Emergency Situations

The subcommittee, Older Persons in Emergency Situations, is committed to raising awareness of the unique needs of older women and men in emergency situations throughout the world, whether these emergencies a) are created by natural occurrences or b) result from man-made events.  

Working within the United Nations community, our goal is to provide information and support to policy makers with influence on relief efforts so that older persons everywhere remain as healthy and financially stable during and after disaster strikes.  

The subcommittee will focus on the “before, during and after” aspects of emergencies, including planning, humanitarian aid, and reconstruction efforts. The objectives are to encourage a fuller exploration of a) how emergencies affect an aging population, b) how older persons can contribute to all aspects and types of emergency situations and c) development of effective strategies to alleviate distress and ill health, including mental health, to re-establish well being.

Chair: Jack Kupferman

 NGO Committee on Ageing • PO Box 1854 • New York, NY • 10163-1854